Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rightmove, right time?

My name is Jo and I’m addicted to Rightmove, the property website. I have to sneak my addiction about three times a day, when the kids are watching CBBC, when the mother’s on the phone, when I should be doing the ironing. I find it calms me when I am stressed. It is my only friend. OK, I exaggerate the last bit, but I can’t get enough of peering in other people’s houses. 
I had been having a bit of a Rightmove fast of late (work got in the way, how rude), until the fateful Easter holidays. We went to Devon, a place of chocolate box houses, beautiful beaches, crabbing, afternoon tea and scones, fresh mussels loaded with cream, fat steaks from the lovely healthy cows. As soon as I am home I am not unpacking, oh no, not me, those sand filled shorts and socks can wait, I am online, looking for a house with land that we can move into.
I found it. Gorgeous it was, double fronted, Georgian, beautiful shaker style kitchen, stunning bathroom with a big tub (it over looked the graveyard, but that’s not that scary is it?). I was placing my sofa before I’d even taken my new Breton striped anorak off. ”Ere, husband, come and look at this. Let’s move! The kids would love it.” Him, “It overlooks a graveyard, is 3 hours from my place of work and would be miserable in winter and when the tourists arrive in summer.” I looked at the house daily for a week. Repeateldy sending him the links.
He ignored me.
The following week, I’d moved on. This time I’d spotted a house in Derbyshire, the husband’s home county. Double fronted, Georgian, you get the idea. Again, he keeps putting this work thing he does, that pays all the bills as his excuse not to move. I even phoned up about local schools for the Derbyshire one and emailed it to my parents. It was still a no from the husband, despite the original wooden shutters.
This week it’s been Normandy, we could downsize here and get a holiday house there of course. All makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? No? What do you mean no? Well anyway, I have also done Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and West Sussex. We have been in our house not even two years yet and still the husband has to put up with my, ‘Ooh, have you seen the back garden on this one, you could have stripes in the lawn darling…’
Oh, I’ve just noticed that there is a nice little do-er up-er in the Charente region of France, a bargain at 60Euros…must dash, I need to email the husband a link…


Metropolitan Mum said...

Hello, my name is Deborah, and I don't have the time to comment, because I must check what's new on rightmove.

nappy valley girl said...

I remember when I was little my mum being fascinated by a magazine called 'Country Life' that was full of posh large houses for sale.

Real estate - the woman's porno.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Ha ha, But MM, you have just moved! Your marble bathroom - swooon.

NVG - you are so right. I look at rightmove as a way of relaxing, when I'm bored, stressed. I am planning a move again. Just need to convince the husband ;) Feet are itching. How are you? In fact, I will pop over to yours to find out...

Lucy said...

Love this post. I have a zoopla addiction. Perhaps we should start a property porn club!